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Katie Firbank 
about me

Hello, I'm Katie, 29 year old baker and owner of five star rated Pink Door Cakes, based near Almondbury, Huddersfield.


I hold a level 2 certificate in food hygiene and just under 3 years experience in the catering industry. 

Since I was very little I've loved baking and me and my mu got to live out our childhood dreams a few years ago when we opened our own cafe and outside catering business! 

We worked very hard for 3 years, learning just about everything their is to know about cooking high quality food in a fast paced environment and delivering top notch party food for all sorts of special events from big birthday parties to weddings. 

We sold the business a few years ago so my mum could enjoy a well earned retirement and I went back to a job in marketing. 

Unfortunately a couple of years ago I got diagnosed with Bladder Cancer and this coincided with the arrival of my first little boy, Oscar. I had to leave work for a little while but I hate to sit still and I soon found myself back in the kitchen.

Baking is my bread and butter, my passion, sometimes my cardio and at the very worst time in my life it kept me sane too! I absolutely love that this is what I get to do everyday and every order weather that's for cake, cupcakes, biscuits or desserts fills me with excitement as I plan out how best to bring all your exciting ideas to life! 

To start discussing your order, get in touch with us today. 

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