The environmental impact of our business is really important to us and as such we are working hard to put in place several measures to ensure that we can have as sustainable a business as possible and one that has a more positive impact on the planet. 

We are working hard to source recyclable packaging for all of our products. This includes our cake, cupcake and biscuit boxes as well as our cupcake cases and marketing materials. 

We aim to use locally sourced ingredients, keeping our food mileage down at the same time as supporting local businesses. We are also working very hard to develop a vegan range of bakes goods which will have a more minimal effect on the environment.

We have been busy making changes in our kitchen too. We have replaced all of our cleaning products with Eco friendly alternatives and swapped our use of cling film for beeswax wraps. 

We will continue to constantly seek out better more environmentally friendly approaches to running our business and implement even more changes as and when appropriate moving forward. 

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Veg Box Biscuits.jpg